Raise Digitally Smart Families

As a brand that’s all about play, we’re committed to ensuring play is safe for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, in the digital playground, kids may run into things that can be hard to deal with. Which is why we want to help raise digitally smart families. Below, you’ll find different helpful content for you and your family.

The Digitally Smart Guide

Start your digitally smart journey as a parent here. Check out this collection of quick guides for parents covering key topics related to digital citizenship and online child safety. Your kids can learn about these topics too in our Doom The Gloom game.

Tools for parents and kids to get digitally smarter

Digital screen surrounded by LEGO® bricks

Take them on a Build & Talk adventure

Try our fun, free way to talk about online safety
A loop looking at a heart balloon

The Digitally Smart Explorer

After checking out the different sections above, learn who’s gotten digitally smarter. You or your kids? Find out together with this true or false quiz set in the digital city.

Overview of Key Skills for Digitally Smart Families

two LEGO® figures holding some balloons

Digital Empathy

When kids learn to be kind to others and themselves, they can impact everyone’s online experience.
A blue and white LEGO® building

Cyber Security

While this can be a complicated topic, there’s a simple first step kids can learn. Create and protect strong passwords.
A big loop with LEGO® figures around it – on a yellow background

Critical Thinking

Learn to evaluate information, content and contacts to tell if it’s trustworthy or not.
  • a tablet on a green background

    Screen Time

    Help kids understand the importance of a balancing screen time and other activities.
  • LEGO® figures standing in line on a blue background

    Digital Footprint & Identity

    Understand how different ways kids interact online can leave a long-lasting digital trail.