Calling all Mixels!

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Calling all Mixels!
Brought to you by LEGO® and Cartoon Network

Mixels are unique creatures who live to combine! They love to mix with each other to discover powerful new abilities. They also love to mix together anything they find in their world. You never know what you might get with the right mix.

Rescue Mixels and use their unique powers to defend your turf in this mixed-up hybrid of action and tower defense. Mix up a whole mess of awesome defenses and save all your Mixel pals in CALLING ALL MIXELS!

Did you know you can use the game codes from your building instructions to get more rewards?

What's New in Version 3.0
Yes, it's time for another gigantic content update! The game just keeps getting bigger and better, with additional Mixels, mixes, lands, quests and more. Here's some of the new stuff you'll find in version 3.0 of Calling All Mixels: 

- Unlock 9 new Mixels from three new tribes, each with awesome new powers! Check out the pointy, prickly Spikels, the outrageously gross Glorp Corp and the magical, wondrous Wiztastics! 
- The new tribes also come with a whole bunch of new mixes and Maxes with amazing new abilities. 
- There are three new lands to explore, and each offers new objectives and challenges. 
- Tackle new quests to earn valuable rewards. 
- Unlock a plethora of new Extras, including Mixels videos, building instructions and inspirations. 
- Track your success with better outpost data—now you'll be able to see exactly how Nixels are left in a wave attack as well as how difficult the next outpost attack will be. 
- Star power—keep collecting those quest stars to now add additional bonus item amounts. 
- We have reduced the frequency for Outpost attacks. Providing for more time for quests and building up your item reserves for tower defenses. 
- We also continued to tune up the game with more bug fixes, polish and balancing.


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