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Forest animals on the go

Forest animals on the go

Dans un précédent message, nous vous proposions de réaliser d'adorables constructions avec seulement quelques briques DUPLO. Nos amis animaux des nouveaux ensembles DUPLO La forêt nous ont inspiré quelques idées de constructions rapides sur le thème de la faune sauvage, que vous pourrez réaliser avec votre jeune enfant. Vous avez seulement besoin de 15 briques DUPLO (ou moins).

Building with only a few bricks has its advantages if you want to cultivate creativity: There is no pressure to make your model look like a picture perfect version of the real life thing. If you think about all the details you can see in a picture of a duck, there is no way you can get that amount of detail into a model of a duck built with five or ten bricks… and no one expects you to!

So with that pressure out of the way, your mind is now free to explore which shapes or characteristics you want your duck to have: a beak, a plump little body, wings, and webbed feet. Now you just have to find bricks that can represent those features and put them together. The same goes for caterpillars, fancy birds and little boats. You can’t go wrong!

Do the colors matter? Maybe – but if your fancy bird is from a different country, or planet, even, and since no one has yet proven what color fancy birds are on alien planets, yours is as good as anyone’s guess. Can you build a duck with no feet and still call it a duck? Absolutely – just put him on a piece of blue paper, and now he’s swimming in a pond!

Building and playing with your kids this way can help them associate meaning with objects and activities around them. It can help them develop language skills and spatial awareness – but most importantly, you never know what kind of new imaginary animal friends you will both make along the way.