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The no-mess art project you’ll both love

The no-mess art project you’ll both love

Chalk in the carpet. Crayon scribbles up the wall. Arts and crafts activities need not have catastrophic consequences on your home. If you want to encourage your little one’s artistic side without the mayhem, try this project. There’s not a splodge of paint in sight.

Art projects are a wonderful thing, fact. But there are occasions where you just don’t have time for a post-paint clean-up. This no-mess butterfly build is the perfect compromise for you both. It lets your child get arty, without getting mucky. Not only does it draw out your preschooler’s inner Picasso, it cements color recognition too. A butterfly’s stunning symmetrical wings also help develop pattern identification – a neat math skill to get in the bag.

While butterflies seem lightweight, they actually come loaded with profound subject matter that will really resonate with your child. They open up discussions around transformation, and how change can be a positive experience. That’s pretty pertinent for preschoolers, whose early years are set to 10 on the evolution-Richter scale.

And because butterflies are all about new beginnings, it’s fitting for your little one to try out more than one look. Be sure to share a picture of your favorite flutterers here, then print the pics and display the best ones – just as you would a painting.