KIRKBI's Purpose with Climate Investments and Philanthropy

Each part of the LEGO® ecosystem plays a crucial role to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. KIRKBI occupies a special place in the LEGO® Universe. As the Kirk Kristiansen family’s private holding and investment company, its purpose is to build a sustainable future for the family ownership of the LEGO® brand through generations. Today, we’re going to explore this unique entity through the eyes and experiences of three of the people who work there.


Damir Hamzić is Head of Circular Plastics Investments at KIRKBI. In line with the ambitions of the Kirk Kristiansen family of making a positive impact on the Climate agenda, he and his team at KIRKBI are working on identifying investments, which can help reduce plastic waste and the carbon footprint associated with plastics.


“When I started in this role 2½ years ago, the Circular Plastics Investments team had just been established. It started more or less with a blank canvas, but with a clear goal to support the transition towards a world, where plastic never becomes waste, and with a clear aim to reduce CO2 emissions associated with plastics. I got the possibility to build a new investment area and at the same time contribute to making a positive impact. Since then, also with the 4th generation of the Kirk Kristiansen family taking over in KIRKBI, the ambition to make a positive difference through our investments has only grown, which is highly motivating.”

“Along the way, we have built, and are still building, a dedicated team who all appreciate working for a greater purpose alongside making a financial return. Circular Plastics Investments is still a relatively new investment area. We are looking into innovative and first-of-a-kind projects, which have a lot of unknown factors. This makes it a high-risk area, which is both fascinating and challenging to work with.

“Working in a niche investment area also means that it can be difficult to explain our work. Circular plastics is a technically complex beast, full of jargon and intricate processes. In this respect, KIRKBI has taken the long-term approach establishing a circular plastics investment team so we can continuously gain knowledge and competences while staying curios and adaptable.

“On our journey, we are learning by doing by taking calculated risks and by learning from both successes and mistakes. It's the LEGO way – learning through play, trial and error, until the pieces finally click into place.

“Those clicks, those moments of solving a challenging investment case are very motivating. From identifying the right company to investigate to navigating the due diligence process with a lot of different stakeholders. And when we finally become owners, guiding these companies towards a more sustainable future is really satisfying.

KIRKBI is not only driven by the sustainability agenda - but also striving to make a better future for children:

It’s this focus on enriching children’s’ lives that strike a chord with Mona Marie Pedersen. She is a member of the Family Office at KIRKBI. Primarily she works as the Head of Grant Administration for the charitable foundation Ole Kirk’s Fond and secondly, she is involved in the LEGO® School, helping to prepare and facilitate theme-based sessions for the 5th generation owners of the Kirk Kristiansen family.


“Walking into KIRKBI you immediately sense that it is a family-owned company with a special history and legacy and a strong set of values. In KIRKBI, we are a team of employees with many different backgrounds and varied tasks, but with a common goal of supporting the mission of the Kirk Kristiansen family. With this shared goal and the strong set of company values, I experience a culture with a high level of team spirit.

“Working for Ole Kirk's Fond has in many ways been an eye-opener to how many children in Denmark and around the world are not given the same opportunities as many of us. This has given me a profound understanding of other people’s situation, which I find extremely valuable on a personal and professional level.

Ole Kirk Kristiansen had a main principle: “We have a duty to manage what is entrusted to us to the best of our ability”. With that in mind, we strive to do our best to ensure that grants make the greatest difference and create the most impact for children.”

“My role is multifaceted. One day I'm managing the daily operations of the foundation’s secretariat, which includes board management, screening of applications and dialogue with partners building partnerships and strategizing impactful projects. Next, I'm collaborating with colleagues at KIRKBI, the LEGO Foundation and different departments within the LEGO Group. This multifaceted role with various stakeholders is very valuable to me. Working on a wide range of projects has given me a broad network of colleagues. Interacting and collaborating with them really fuels my energy and motivation.

The roles on offer at KIRKBI are wide and varied. Eva Bjerg Adeler was working for the LEGO Group as Head of Labour Relations before joining the KIRKBI team a little over six years ago. Today, she’s Head of Legal, Employment Law & Compliance.


“My specialist area is within employment law and data privacy. However, the reality is we all need to work across lots of different areas because of the wide variety of businesses we support, be that the LEGO Foundation, LEGO House, Ole Kirk’s Fond or the family’s private activities.

I started my career at the LEGO Group in LEGO System, but I didn’t plan the details of my career and where it would take me. Along the way, I have been open and curious to the possibilities that occurred. That has led me to my role in KIRKBI, where I can now also benefit from my network and the knowledge gained in my previous role.

“The breadth of our work demands agility; we’re continuously developing our competencies. Not only within different legal areas but, beyond that, our ability to collaborate with and understand different business areas.

“Working for KIRKBI is special because we’re directly supporting family ownership. On one level, this relates to investment activities – to ensure there is a sound financial foundation for the family ownership while also supporting a sustainable development in the world. On another level, we also support the owner families’ private activities, companies, and philanthropic activities. This is very unique and highly rewarding.

I really enjoy the collaboration culture in KIRKBI. We always aim to deliver with high quality, yet we still have a lot of fun in a relaxed and informal atmosphere that I appreciate very much.

I am proud to work for a company, where I can see our strong values and mission being reflected in the way we work. Whatever we do or who we work with, there is always a sense of professionalism, caring and mutual respect.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into this star of the LEGO Universe. We’ll leave the last words to Mona:

“Working at KIRKBI is a privilege. It’s an opportunity to explore various areas and develop professionally while being part of a legacy and a company that strives to make a difference. This is truly motivating.”

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