The LEGO Group celebrates official opening of factory in China

Today, the LEGO Group celebrates the official inauguration of its new factory in Jiaxing, China. The 165,000m2 factory plays an important role in the Group’s ambition to provide safe, high-quality creative play experiences to millions of children in China and across Asia.

“We believe children are the most important people on the planet. We also believe it is essential for children to play – as they learn to be creative and imaginative through play,” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President and CEO of the LEGO Group, adding:

“We have built a state of the art factory in Jiaxing that adheres to the same global production standards as our factories across the world. It will bring great and fun LEGO experiences to even more children in Asia, while delivering on the promise of the LEGO brand: safe and high-quality play.”

The LEGO Group also owns and operates factories in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

The factory in Jiaxing currently employs more than 1,200 people, and is expected to produce between 70 and 80 percent of all LEGO products sold in Asia.

Product quality and safety are top priorities
Every LEGO product starts its life in the LEGO Group Headquarters in Billund, Denmark, where more than 250 designers representing 35 nationalities develop hundreds of new exciting play experiences every year.

“Our designers work hard to push the boundaries for how children can use LEGO bricks in new, innovative and exciting ways year after year. Their designs are based on global consumer insights, extensive research, and a deep knowledge of our heritage and the LEGO System in Play,” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.

It takes between one to four years for a new LEGO product to complete the journey from design concept to stores around the world.

“Our founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, was a carpenter and introduced our company motto; “Only the best is good enough”. To this day, we take great care to ensure that every LEGO product is fun, engaging and offers a high-quality experience to children. We also make sure that every product is safe. Every LEGO brick we manufacture in Jiaxing lives up to the strictest global safety standards,” says Richard Wong, Senior Vice President and General Manager at the LEGO Factory in Jiaxing.

Solar energy to reduce environmental impact
The Jiaxing factory has a high focus on integrating sustainable solutions from recycling and reusing waste and water to minimising the energy consumption.

“We aspire to leave a positive impact on the society. Our most important impact comes through the LEGO products that inspire and develop millions of children. In doing so, we want to leave the planet in the best possible condition for children and so we have a broad range of activities to reduce our impact on the environment. As an example, the LEGO factory in China will feature solar panels on the roof, enabling us to generate clean solar electricity directly at our factory,” says Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Sustainability.

Facts about the factory

• The factory covers an area of approximately 165,000 m2.
• The land where the factory is located covers 315,000 m2.
• 45,000 m2 area for packing.
• 25,000 m2 manual warehouse.
• 10,000 m2 area for decoration and assembly.
• 35,000 m2 moulding facility.
• 6,500 m2 automated high bay warehouse. 24 metres high with a capacity of more than 400,000 storage boxes.
• More than 1,200 people are currently employed at the factory.
• The investment amounts to a 3-digit million Euro figure.