Statement from the LEGO Group regarding the LEGO Brand Group’s investment in Evolve Technologies

Carsten Rasmussen, Chief Operations Officer, said:

“We are excited about this investment. In the LEGO Group, we have been using additive manufacturing technology for more than 20 years, leveraging the potential of this technology in fast prototyping within our design and product development process.

“We have no immediate plans to launch 3D printed LEGO bricks or elements commercially. We will continue to use additive manufacturing to maintain agility in our innovation pipeline and create fast prototypes to test new and innovative play experiences.

“Injection moulding technology remains core to the large-scale production of LEGO bricks, due to the high precision, quality and safety of this technology, which the LEGO Group has been perfecting for over 60 years.

The collaboration with Evolve is just another example of how we partner with leaders in technology to inspire and develop new thinking.”