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The LEGO Group establishes LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre and expects to recruit more than 100 employees in a significant step up on the 2030 ambition of finding and implementing sustainable alternatives to current materials.

On June 16, 2015 the LEGO Group announced a significant investment of DKK 1 billion dedicated to research, development and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials to manufacture LEGO elements as well as packaging materials.

The investment will result in the establishment of the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre. The centre will be based at the LEGO Group’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and include all current functions and employees working to find alternative materials. In addition, the LEGO Group expects to recruit more than 100 specialists within the materials field during the coming years to work on this challenging ambition.

Read the full press release here:  LEGO Group to invest 1 Billion DKK boosting search for sustainable materials

Stakeholders who want to contact the centre are welcome to use this e-mail address:  smc@LEGO.com