Women in Engineering

For our second International Women’s Day event celebrating women at the LEGO Group, we spoke with some of our awesome women in our Engineering and Additive Manufacturing teams. From designing new toy elements, to finding the safest way for a LEGO® Brick to break, these women are making a big impact, every single day.

So, let’s introduce our awesome speakers, and their thoughts on International Women’s Day. You can replay the full event below too.

Anna Chase - Design Engineering, Billund

I find that the best advantage of working here is that you have so much influence over your own role. There’s so much opportunity to lead here. In my team, we’re 11 people and there’s only two women. I wish there were more, but manufacturing can seem not so appealing to a lot of people. I wish they could see the field how I do, it’s filled with opportunities to create and innovate.

Celia Le Gouil Jensen - Test Design & Qualification Director, Billund

The biggest thing we need to change is ourselves, as women. I’ve been a people leader for 13 years, hiring both men and women and, to this day, I don’t remember one woman that has negotiated a salary. It’s something that we just don’t do. It’s not something we’ve been trained to do, or that we look for. First we look at what impact we can make in the job, and then the salary comes second. My biggest take away is that we need to challenge ourselves more in these moments to move the conversation along.

Christina Hansen - Design Engineer, Billund

I have a one-year-old daughter, and it’s important to me to make sure she feels she can fit in, career wise, everywhere as she grows up, and that she can see herself in any environment. I think that’s a big part of it for me. Because of that mentality, I always see myself fitting in in Engineering. I want to show her I can do it, if I have the passion to and put my mind towards achieving something.

Rikke Koehl - Mechanical Engineer, Billund

One of the great things at the LEGO Group is the work life balance. As a mom it’s really nice because you can bring your children to work, and in some roles, you can even work from home. Having a family next to a job is very easy here.

During the event, our awesome Engineers also shared their thoughts on women in engineering, how they think the LEGO Group is helping tackle the subject and most importantly, how we can challenge the bias in our everyday lives. If you’d like to watch these discussions, as well as hear some brilliant stories, watch here.

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