Haz realidad tu profesión

John Hansen, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Quality

The LEGO Group has established the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre, focused on finding and implementing sustainable alternatives to our current materials by 2030. We are hiring over 100 new employees in all areas of Engineering and Quality to help make this ambitious goal a reality. If you would like to join our E&Q team and apply for a position, please CLICK HERE.

Hear what some of the Engineering & Quality team say about our Sustainable Materials initiatives and their careers at the LEGO Group:

Esben Ihler Sondergaard

"It's simple to make a complex solution and complex to make a simple solution."
-Esben Ihler Sondergaard, Manager, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Fritz Strange Nielsen

"If I have to describe Engineering and Quality in three words, I think it'll be CHALLENGING, it will give me ENERGY and it is very EDUCATING."
-Fritz Strange Nielsen, Senior Manager Specialist, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Kathrine Monster

"I chose to work in E&Q because I really feel there is a lot of passion and dedication... and I really like to work here."
-Kathrine Monster, Senior Planning Analyst, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Sophia Sachse

"There is a lot of potential for growth. To grow from year to year a little more to the person I would like to be in the future."
-Sophia Sachse, Materials Project Manager, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Søren Smedegaard

"I think my career is unique because I have the power over my own career and I can choose how I want my daily work task and responsibilities to be."
-Søren Smedegaard, Quality Technician, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Trine Maagaard

"Engineering and Quality is in my heart. I'm an engineer and I have worked with machinery and heavy industry in all my life. So that was the natural choice for me."
-Trine Maagaard, Technical Project Manager, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

Julian Charity

"The one thing that I find holds everyone together at LEGO and the one thing we share in common is that we are all fundamentally really nice and open and honest people."
-Julian Charity, CAE Engineer Manager Specialist, Engineering & Quality, Billund, Denmark

About the Sustainable Materials Project

On June 16, 2015 the LEGO Group announced a significant investment of DKK 1 billion dedicated to research, development and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials to manufacture LEGO elements as well as packaging materials.

The investment will result in the establishment of the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre. The centre will be based at the LEGO Group’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and include all current functions and employees working to find alternative materials. In addition, the LEGO Group expects to recruit more than 100 specialists within the materials field during the coming years to work on this challenging ambition.