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The LEGO Group hires employees for our LEGO Brand Retail positions and our Merchandising positions.

Retail Positions

The best place for our customers to shop for LEGO sets is at their local LEGO store, where Brick Specialists with extensive knowledge can make their shopping trip fun and easy. We are always hiring full and part time employees (which we call Brick Specialists), Shift Supervisors, and Managers for our Retail operations. If you would like to see all our open LEGO Retail positions, please CLICK HERE.

There are LEGO retail stores all around the world. To find a LEGO Store near you, CLICK HERE.

Carlos Fernandez

“The culture at the LEGO Group is really like nothing I've ever seen before. The comradely that a lot of our peers have amongst each other and what we experience in our store every single day and how we live and breathe that passion in our store. My coworkers are some of the best coworkers I've ever had.”
-Carlos Fernandez, LBR Store Manager, New York, New York, USA

Merchandising Positions

Acting as a liaison between the LEGO Group and our vendors, our Merchandisers are critical to optimizing our space management and shelf performance. We are looking for full and part time Merchandisers and field Managers. To view all our open Merchandising positions, please CLICK HERE.

Kam Price

“Here at the LEGO Group, our culture, even though we are nationwide with Merchandisers in almost every state, it still feels like a family environment. We push for that continuous improvement and we partner with and learn from any of the other departments, like marketing and sales that intertwine with national merchandising.”
-Kam Price, Team Lead, Field Merchandising, Southeast, USA