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Contratamos personas para cubrir diferentes puestos y funciones, ¡y siempre estamos en busca de nuevos talentos! Aquí encontrarás lo que algunos de nuestros empleados cuentan de The LEGO Group.

Denisse de la Rosa

"I think the most important part is that LEGO puts the same effort to make initiatives as gender diversity or having more environmentally friendly processes. They put the same effort as business goals and productivity targets. "

-Denisse de la Rosa, Material Flow Control & WMS Supervisor, Monterrey, Mexico

Jorge Robles

"Working in LOM or in a global company it's awesome because you have the opportunity to know other people from different countries. You can learn with the different sites or different benchmark with colleagues. You can be more present globally. "
-Jorge Robles, Process Engineer, Monterrey, Mexico

Laura Chavez

"It's an amazing work environment here. We can talk, we can joke around but also we can work really really well in order to exchange ideas, in order to elevate projects, elevate the possible solutions and reinvent them."
-Laura Chavez, Senior Planning Manager, Monterrey, Mexico

Luis Rodriguez

"I enjoy my job. It's interesting. I love my job. So I think that difference makes the employee. So it's import to put two words - it is 'enjoy' and be 'fun'. That's all. "
-Luis Angel Rodriguez, Payroll Specialist, Monterrey, Mexico