Build the Change

Small car in LEGO bricks being pulled by a wind turbine
Join the Build the Change experience with your family today

Build the Change is a powerful way for children to express their hopes and dreams for the future with LEGO® bricks and other creative materials, plus their own imaginations. Build the Change explores really important topics to do with the environment and society – topics that matter to children.

Learning Through Play is an awesome way for children to tap into their imagination. It encourages collaboration and communication. And it doesn’t end there. We’re on a mission to give children a voice and use their ideas and visions to inspire leaders around the world!

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Try the online experience!

Take it to the next level with Build the Change online using your smart device or computer. For security, you’ll need your LEGO username to access the tool, but if you don’t have one don’t worry, it’s super simple to sign up. Then, here’s all you need to get started:

  • LEGO® bricks and/or other creative materials
  • Time – set aside at least  45 minutes
  • And a bit of space to get creative in!

Recommended for 7-12 year olds

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How to Build the Change?

Play the video to meet Linda and Leo - the fantastic Build the Change guides that will explain how children can change the world!
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Get your child’s ideas heard

In 2021, we’ll start approaching decision-makers, both local and global, and everywhere in between. But we need tons of great ideas to kick off those conversations! We want to make sure leaders are considering the voices of children in important decisions.

Check back here every now and then to see who we’ve been talking to and what changes might be happening!

Inspiration from other builders

See how other children have been building the change! They’ve been having fun and getting creative thinking about the environment, climate change and biodiversity.
  • A tigers den built in LEGO bricks
    It is a safe area for tigers so no one can enter and no one hurts them and they have food in their safe area.
  • LEGO build by a child
    It is a plant world that any animal can enter. And bees can easily pollinate flowers here. It’s a cage like a wooded-wooded part for tigers, but it’s a house for tigers where people give them food and drink and can help them.
  • a cat like creature built in LEGO bricks
    It can protect itself from climate change with a sun reflective skin and coat. It can also move quickly from one bad place to another to find better relationships and others to have kids with.
  • a LEGO build by a child
    The hose is for sucking ice up from the actis, which is then heated in the brown container, and sucked in by the window, and examined how clean the ice / water is.
  • a helicopter built in LEGO bricks
    Funkadelic Batman’s flying turtle nest protector. He fly’s around the world and uses his beacon to find nests. His black weapon cools the nest w special cooling fluid (to make more she turtles) and the yellow gun shoots a protective Shield over the nest that releases when the turtles hatch.
  • a vehicle built in LEGO
    Solar powered Portable iceberg. The wheels propel it through the water and it becomes polar bear homes when their iceberg melts.
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