picture of man and big LEGO set building

Matt Kustra

Based in Poland

Matt Kustra’s passion for Lego® bricks dates back to his childhood, when he got the first Lego® set for his 4th birthday. It was love at first sight. Throughout the years, he was given more and more sets to build. As adulthood came, he discovered Lego® Digital Designer, he began his adventure to become the first Lego Certified Professional from Poland.
In 2010, he created his first design. It was a mock-up of Cracow’s Cloth Hall, including 20 000 Lego® bricks. After a few years, he created a huge exhibition of models and mock-ups depicting the history of Poland. It consists of 10 huge exhibits. Some of them include over 200 000 Lego® bricks!

Through his career as a professional Lego® builder, Matt had an opportunity to design and construct models and mock-ups for such companies as Whirlpool, Amazon and Panattoni. There were also orders from private collectors and even celebrities – David Beckham, Friz from Ekipa (the most recognizable group of influencers in Poland) or Golden Ball for Robert Lewandowski.

Matt takes on a wide variety of projects. The orders come from Europe and other continents. He creates dioramas, sculptures, pictures and furniture. In addition, Matt also organizes workshops with Lego® for children and adults who are interested in Lego® building. Apart from it, he is involved in photography and loves taking pictures of Lego® minifigures scenes.

Website: www.ideo-bricks.com
Email: mattkustra@ideo-bricks.com
Instagram: @mateusz.kustra.legoart.matt