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“Creativity and Care are, for me, the most important of the LEGO® values. We transmit these values to our customers every day,” says Brice, Digital Customer Engagement.
Brice behind the bricks

Our Customer Service Team in Slough, UK, are a multicultural bunch. Spend a day in their office, and you’ll hear every language from Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese to Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Danish, to name a few. If you hear some French too, then you’ve probably heard Brice, hard at work spreading advice, support and LEGO® love to customers all around the world.

Brice works in our Digital Customer Engagement team in the UK. Via email, live chat and over the phone, he helps all kinds of customers with every type of question. Sometimes it’s as simple as locating an order or tracking down the perfect brick to help someone bring a project to life. But he gets to help with some weird and wonderful ambitions too, like a child who wanted to make a working beehive out of LEGO bricks, or an adult fan who was planning to build full-size LEGO furniture for their house.

Creativity and Care

Unsurprisingly, creativity and care are the two LEGO values that mean the most to Brice. Care, because he gets to support and help hundreds of customers and fans each week. And creativity, because when he gets requests like the ones just mentioned, it’s down to him to find a way to help. Luckily, he always does.

What does Brice value most about working at the LEGO Group?

There’s no one answer to this. In his own words, “The good thing in the office is the people diversity. We have people from all over Europe with different behaviours and ways of thinking. I would also say the LEGO Group improved me in a lot of ways. I can handle a lot more things than I could before I joined, and I’m much more confident.”

We’re pretty sure the 50% employee discount is a factor too.

If you like the sound of using your creativity, personality and second language to help and inspire LEGO fans worldwide, join Brice in our Customer Service Team. Take his word for it – it’s awesome!