Promoting family-friendly workplaces

Chinese girls playing with LEGO bricks
Children should be safe when we interact with them. Yet we want to go beyond this principle to have a positive impact on children. By supporting families, parents and caregivers in the workplace, we can have a positive impact on child development.
Boys in LEGO summer camp in China

Supporting children’s development

As a company that cares deeply about children’s development, our aspiration is to promote family-friendly workplaces across our supply chain. We understand the critical role parents and caregivers have, especially during a child’s formative years, and believe that the impact of workplace policies on a parent’s opportunity to fulfil this role is critical.
Small LEGO critters running down hill and playing

Extended parental leave

In 2020, we announced the introduction of extended parental leave for LEGO® employees globally. All employees, no matter their location, will receive a minimum of 26 weeks paid childcare leave for the primary caregiver and 8 weeks paid leave for the secondary caregiver, by the end of 2022. We also introduced four weeks of caregiver leave to make it easier for LEGO employees to take care of loved ones. Further to these initiatives we have implemented a global safety net to ensure financial security for colleagues and their families in case of death or permanent disability.
In the summer of 2018, we launched our Summer​ Camp program in China with the aim of uniting non-local workers with their​ children.
In the first half of 2021, we welcomed 227 children to camps held at our Jiaxing factory and five supplier factory sites. This is fewer than last year due to COVID restrictions at a number of sites.
A group of children at the LEGO summer camp in China

We collaborated with Save the Children China to develop a Learning through Play curriculum for the summer camp, trained teachers to facilitate the lessons and provided child safeguarding training to all employees, including LEGO employees, working at the camp.

The child safeguarding training reinforced the importance of child protection and provided an understanding of how to behave and how to make the right decisions when engaging with children.