Build the Change

a globe built in LEGO bricks with LEGO minifigures all over it
Three girls walking into a room

What is Build the Change?

Build the Change is a powerful way for children to express their hopes and dreams for the future with LEGO® bricks and other creative materials, plus their own imagination. And it’s all done via Learning through Play!

We’re on a mission to give children a voice and use their ideas and visions to inspire leaders around the world, so start here and join us…by joining our challenges!

And don’t forget to check out our gallery of ideas from around the world!

A LEGO critter teaching a bunch of smaller critters about plants

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Download our free resource pack for educators. In this course, students ages 7-12 will learn about biodiversity and climate change, while creating and sharing imaginative solutions to real-world challenges.

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Building Instructions for a Better World front page

Children Call for Action on Climate Change

Via Build the Change more than 6,000 children contributed to the voices of “Building Instructions for a Better World” that the LEGO Group shared with policy makers at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021, reminding the world’s leaders that “The power may be yours, but the future is ours. Please act. Please involve us.”

Inspiration from other builders

See how other children have been building the change! They’ve been having fun and getting creative thinking about the environment, climate change and biodiversity.
  • cabin made from LEGO bricks
    This eco-friendly cabin has several environmentally sustainable features. It has solar panels on the roof, water mill for energy, a roof top garden, rain barrel, butterfly garden, and apple tree.
  • Robot made with LEGO bricks
    Meet the robot that runs on garbage. The dog with the jet-pack flies and collects garbage and puts it in the robot’s garbage bin. The garbage collected goes through the green-gun that reuses objects.
  • a cat like creature built in LEGO bricks
    It can protect itself from climate change with a sun reflective skin and coat. It can also move quickly from one bad place to another to find better relationships and others to have kids with.
  • a LEGO build by a child
    The hose is for sucking ice up from the actis, which is then heated in the brown container, and sucked in by the window, and examined how clean the ice / water is.
  • a helicopter built in LEGO bricks
    Funkadelic Batman’s flying turtle nest protector. He fly’s around the world and uses his beacon to find nests. His black weapon cools the nest w special cooling fluid (to make more she turtles) and the yellow gun shoots a protective Shield over the nest that releases when the turtles hatch.
  • a vehicle built in LEGO
    Solar powered Portable iceberg. The wheels propel it through the water and it becomes polar bear homes when their iceberg melts.