The courage to make important choices

A family of three, mother father and a toddler having fun

Yeen has been with the LEGO Group for almost 10 years and has witnessed many changes and how the company has developed. When she learned about the LEGO Group’s new global parental leave policy she was delighted - but not surprised.

She said: “The LEGO Group is a company that takes children and its employees very seriously, so I think the policy of extending the paid parental leave worldwide is very much in line with the company culture we’re familiar with.”

A toddler girl playing with LEGO Duplo bricks
“Having been with the LEGO Group for over nine years, I’m not at all surprised that the company has adopted an extended parental leave policy globally.”

The joy of watching her daughter grow

When Yeen’s daughter was born, her husband wasn’t able to get extended parental leave, so the care Yeen received from the LEGO Group gave her much-needed support. During her six-month parental leave, Yeen felt being at home and raising a child was challenging - despite being able to handle everything the workplace throws at her with ease! But it was also joyful for her to watch her daughter grow, develop and experiencing their bond. With this new-found bond and the full support of her LEGO® colleagues, Yeen felt she was ready to come back to work after the 6 months had passed. When she returned she accepted a new career opportunity that has opened up a new chapter in her tenth year at the LEGO Group.

A family of three, mother and a father with celebrating their child's first birthday
“I’m grateful to the LEGO Group for its long-term support, as it’s given me the courage to make my own choices at every important moment in my life.”