Red Son’s Inferno Truck

Monkie Kid™Monkie Kid™

Inferno Truck/racing car for high-speed action

Young heroes can enjoy hours of fun role-playing as Monkie Kid battling to stop Red Son robbing the Speedy Panda store!

A fun way to develop character

Inspired by the Monkey King legend, this 1,111-piece set for ages 9 and up helps kids build resiliece through creative play.

LEGO® Monkie Kid™: Red Son's Inferno Truck

Integrated race car

A press of a button launches the racing car for extra action.

Rapid shooter and cannons

The Inferno Truck has lots of cool weapons for battle play.

Powerful winch

The truck's winch opens up other fun play possibilities.

Pigsy's delivery tuk-tuk

Children can role-play as Monkie Kid driving to the rescue.

7 collectible minifigures

Some characters have weapons to inspire imaginative play.

Instructions PLUS

Digital instructions help kids to build independently.

Endless play possibilities

The truck, store, and tuk-tuk in this set combine brilliantly with other LEGO Monkie Kid models for even more playtime fun.