Last Chance

LEGO® Marvel Deviant Ambush!

Small parts.

Superhero role play for fans of The Eternals

There’s endless imaginative fun and adventure for kids to enjoy with this awesome Marvel Studios’ The Eternals playset.

Thrills and adventure, just like in the movie

With authentic characters from the movie, kids can act out favourite scenes and dream up cool stories of their own.

LEGO® Marvel Deviant Ambush!

Movable limbs for maximum play

Kids can position the Deviant’s 6 legs any way they want.

Biting mouth adds extra action

Operate the Deviant’s open-and-close jaws for a snap attack!

Weapons for awesome battles

The Eternals have a dagger, fist weapon and shooter.

Fun to build

With simple instructions, kids can build with confidence and enjoy maximum fun without delay.

Great for play and display

Inspire endless imaginative fun with Thena, Gilgamesh and Makkari minifigures, plus a 6-legged Deviant figure.
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