Last Chance

Ice Cream Picture Frames & Bracelet

Small parts.

Fun room decor and wearable craft items

Kids can express themselves in unlimited ways with this LEGO® DOTS craft kit to fit or define their style or room decor.

A yummy DIY treat for open design play

3 ice cream-shaped picture frames, a slim blue bracelet and lots of tiles are a fun treat to let kids share their creativity.

Ice Cream Picture Frames & Bracelet

Open-ended creative play

This LEGO® DOTS set has everything kids need for design fun.

DIY self-expression for anyone

Kids can display their individuality in their style or room.

Creative designs everywhere

Fun picture frames and a wearable bracelet add cool flair.

Extra inspiration inside

Creating imaginative designs boosts kids’ confidence.

Unlimited decorative options

3 picture frames, a bracelet and lots of tiles for designs.

Expand design vision and style

The kit items work with other DOTS sets (sold separately).

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