Elvis Presley “The King”

Small parts.

Celebrate an iconic musician with a portrait

You can explore your passion as a fan of LEGO® building or Elvis Presley and build 1 of 3 legendary pictures from his career.

Listen, Build, Relax

Enhance your experience as an Elvis Presley fan with the Soundtrack, which immerses you in the build with tailor-made content.

Elvis Presley “The King”

Feel creative pride in the art

Build a piece of handmade art that you can take pride in.

Display your passion

Stand it on a shelf or hang it on the wall with the hangers.

Make a statement piece

Your admiration of an iconic musician will fit in anywhere.

Combine sets to create the ultimate portrait

Create a singular, hands-on art piece with more sets. Use 3 kits to make an ultimate Elvis Presley piece to display proudly.

Special artwork celebrating Elvis Presley

Designed for adults, this premium LEGO® Art set has 3,445 pieces, including 9 canvas decor plates and 2 hanging elements.
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