8-Stud Desk Drawer – Gray

This 2x4, rectangular LEGO® brick-shaped drawer sits neatly on desks or shelves to provide convenient, easy-access storage for a variety of uses. It’s ideal for use in offices, kids’ rooms, bathrooms and anywhere else that needs to be tidy and organized. The 8 oversized studs on the top surface mean colorful, customized storage systems can be built and adapted to suit changing storage needs.
  • Versatile and functional – This durable, stackable, easy-clean, plastic brick with a slide-out drawer can be used to store a wide variety of items.
  • Stackable like LEGO® bricks – With 8 oversized LEGO studs on the top, each Desk Drawer can connect easily with others to create a stacked storage system.
  • Convenient wide size – Measuring over 4 in. (11 cm) high, 12 in. (31 cm) wide and 6 in. (15 cm) deep, each Desk Drawer is big on storage and big on style.
8-Stud Desk Drawer – Gray
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