How we built Katy Perry’s LEGO brick dress

How we built Katy Perry’s LEGO brick dress

She’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but what we love most about Katy Perry is that she’s unafraid to be herself. One of the ways she expresses this is through fashion.

From burgers, Christmas trees and cupcakes to sparkly fruit, it’s fair to say she’s worn most food groups. So, when we got the chance to partner with the Firework singer, it was a no-brainer to create an outfit just for her (and it’s not food-related, sorry).

It’s cooler – a LEGO brick dress.

The dress was created in a collaboration between Katy’s costume designer, Heather Picchiottino, and Head of Design at the LEGO Group, Matthew Ashton.

Heather says: “Creating this dress for Katy was definitely a career highlight for me. It was a special moment to create a dress for one of the most iconic music artists and the most iconic toy company in the world, the LEGO Group!”

“Katy’s style is unique, bold and she often wears pieces that incorporate surrealism and elements of surprise. The LEGO dress definitely fitted into her style heritage in that it was celebrating a clever way to use a non-fashion item to create a fabulous dress.”

The dress will be displayed at the LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue, New York from November 1st until the end of the year, so check it out if you’re nearby.

“Katy has always had fun and experimented with her style, and I think that’s one of the main reasons people keep coming back to see what she’s going to wear next,” says Heather.

When it came to the creative process of making the dress, it was very much a collaborative effort.

“I sketched out all the possibilities and presented sketches to Katy who chose her favorite design.

Once the design was locked in, I worked with my team in Los Angeles to make a pattern and sew the dress. Matthew and the design team at the LEGO Group created all these amazing designs with LEGO elements to add to the dress.”

Heather’s biggest challenge was making the hard, straight LEGO pieces work with the natural curves of the dress.

“It took some trial and error, but we made it happen!”

The day of the video shoot was high energy, a lot of fun and there were even a few last-minute alterations.

“The fun part was the thrill of it all coming together, right in the last moment. I remember Matthew and I were making changes and additions right up to the moment we shot the first take!”

Behind the scenes of the Katy Perry shoot

But our partnership with Katy Perry goes beyond the dress.

It’s Katy’s passion for creativity, positivity and thinking out of the box that makes her an inspirational role model to so many kids and adults alike.

We know one particular group of kids who were excited to ask Katy a few very, VERY important questions. From her favorite socks to her preferred spoon, watch Katy Perry’s most playful interview ever here...

Firework is one of Katy Perry’s most famous songs, released as part of her third studio album ‘Teenage Dream’. The song reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and Katy was a co-writer on it.

The song is all about self-empowerment, having confidence and expressing yourself. That’s why we chose it to be the song for the LEGO Group’s holiday advert for 2022 .

“Katy is truly inspiring to everyone around her and the body of work I have made for Katy has been the most challenging and rewarding of my career. I have also learned so much working with her, as each time we make a costume there is usually an element I haven’t tried before, so I am constantly learning new techniques as a designer,” explains Heather.

Stay tuned here for more on our partnership with Katy Perry in the build-up to the holidays!

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