11 Best LEGO® Minecraft® Toys for Christmas

11 Best LEGO® Minecraft® Toys for Christmas

Take gaming outside the box this Holiday season as Minecraft® jumps straight out of the screen into playtime! Join iconic heroes Steve and Alex and their friends as they build up wild new adventures in different biomes from the instantly recognizable Minecraft world design – and get a gamer playing their favorite stories in real life!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Axolotl House

Give Minecraft players hands-on fun with one of the game’s cutest creatures as they build an undersea base that’s bursting with axolotl adventures.

Kids use their Minecraft skills to create a giant, brightly-colored house shaped like an axolotl. They then join an underwater explorer for endless imaginative adventures featuring a treasure-seeking dolphin, puffer fish, 2 adult axolotls, an axolotl in a bucket and a hidden treasure chest. The structure’s lift-off roof gives easy access to a furnished interior, featuring a smelting furnace and a sponge to suck up any water leaks. But when an underwater zombie attacks, players must grab a sword and join the axolotls to defend their deep-sea base.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Swamp Adventure

Treat Minecraft players to a swamp full of hands-on, action-packed, creative play with LEGO Minecraft The Swamp Adventure.

This fun-filled Minecraft toy features familiar Minecraft favorite Alex as she journeys through mud and mangroves on a Minecraft adventure. As well as opportunities for creative construction, there are 2 hostile mobs to battle – a zombie and a slime – and a friendly frog who observes the action from a lily pad. Kids help Alex use her axe and operate a lever to detonate a TNT explosion to fend off any attack.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Panda Haven

This supersized Minecraft panda, which doubles as a 3-story, furnished house, is a gift that will captivate Minecraft players throughout the festive season and beyond.

The jointed structure, including a hinged head, means the panda house can be positioned either standing upright, on all fours or sitting. In each case, the room interiors can be reconfigured accordingly. An opening back makes it easy for kids to access the interior.

Characters include a jungle explorer, panda, baby panda and a hostile skeleton for kids to battle. Outside the main structure is a bamboo jungle where players can indulge in a favorite Minecraft pastime – feeding cake to the pandas.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The End Arena

Players aged 8 and up will need all their Minecraft skills as they compete in epic battles in the ultimate arena while dodging falling lava and sidestepping a shifting chasm!

The combatants – an End warrior and a dragon archer – battle in the legendary End Arena. A push of a launcher sends lava blocks shooting from the mouth of the Ender Dragon statue that towers over the arena, and a movable floor slides apart to reveal a pool of lava beneath the competitors’ feet. Additional play possibilities are inspired by 2 popular Minecraft mobs – an enderman and a shulker – and familiar accessories from the game.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Deep Dark Battle

Give Minecraft players a hands-on adventure this festive season. The Deep Dark Battle sees the Arbalest knight and the Netherite knight embark on an action-packed journey through one of the game’s most challenging locations. Equipped with armor and weapons, they explore an ancient city and mine precious sculk. When kids turn a knob, a brick-built warden rises from beneath the deepslate stone to stop them. As battle ensues, players flick a switch to trigger a big explosion. Among the ruins is a chest containing treasured items. Can kids get the sculk, the chest and themselves back to safety?

The set is great for building together with family and friends – download the LEGO Builder app for a guide to completing the build as a team.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Iron Golem Fortress

LEGO® Minecraft The Iron Golem Fortress has a hidden surprise: the impressive structure transforms into a towering giant, providing awesome build-play-and-display action for Minecraft players aged 9 and up.

The fortress features 2 heroes from the game, the Crystal Knight and the Golden Knight, who protect the base from hostile attackers, a Charged Creeper and 2 skeleton horsemen. To scale up the action, kids can reconfigure the fortress into a towering golem figure, with huge movable arms. With lots of familiar Minecraft features and accessories, the imaginative play possibilities never end.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Crafting Box 4.0

This endlessly versatile set offers 2 different scenarios for Minecraft players to build and explore: the River Towers, a fortress-like structure that can be used to defend against a zombie and Creeper attack; or the Cat Cottage, which consists of a large, cat-shaped house with a cat playground next to it.

The 2 distinct builds, along with suggested models designed to inspire kids’ creativity and the countless structures they build from their own imaginations, are populated by iconic figures and mobs from the game, including Steve, Alex, a zombie, Creeper, cats and sheep. A host of Minecraft features and functions, including exploding TNT, bring extra realism to this epic playset.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Sword Outpost

Give a Minecraft player aged 8 and up an iconic diamond sword for a holiday treat – on a giant scale! LEGO Minecraft The Sword Outpost uses the precious weapon as the design for a supercool base where kids can build a feature-packed chill-out zone and take part in explosive battles.

Outside the base, Sentinel Soldier and Guardian Warrior figures stand guard. Further firepower is provided by 2 shooters located at the front of the base. Hostile mobs include a Creeper and a skeleton. Friendly mobs include a pig and an allay, which features foil wings. There’s explosive action when kids operate a lever at the bottom of the tower, which triggers a dramatic collapse of part of the structure.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Frozen Peaks

Take Minecraft players deep into the game’s Frozen Peaks biome, where coal, iron and emerald ore lies buried beneath the ice.

Before players can begin mining, they must build a safe shelter and gather food. When iconic adversaries, a Creeper and a stray, come too close, kids can either escape through the perilous dripstone cave, use TNT to blow up the mountain to get to their shelter or operate the goat’s ramming feature to knock the hostile mobs off the cliff edge! Several fun features and a range of authentic accessories ensure the Minecraft adventures never end.

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Pumpkin Farm

Starring one of the Minecraft game’s most popular characters and a troublesome witch, this versatile playset will inspire endless action-packed adventure at the pumpkin patch for kids aged 8+.

Set in the game’s infamous swamp biome, this reconfigurable toy features leading character Steve at a pumpkin farm built around a pumpkin-shaped house. Outside is a pumpkin patch that Steve cultivates with his tools. Play opportunities shift to battle action when a witch throws potions at Steve and he fends her off using his bow. The set also includes a frog, boat and a chest containing an egg and sugar, giving kids the opportunity to make pumpkin pie!

LEGO® Minecraft® – The Bee Cottage

Minecraft players use their creative building skills to harvest honeycomb from a beehive, grow crops on a farm and defend their base as they build a bee-shaped house in this fun Minecraft adventure.

A removable roof provides easy access to the interior. Outside, there’s honeycomb to harvest from the beehive, crops to grow at the farm and hostile mobs to defend against. The set includes a Honey Bear player character, a baby zombie, 3 bees and 1 angry bee. Features include 2 bees that race around a tree with the flick of a finger.

Our list of the best Minecraft toys this Christmas should help you find the perfect present for the gamer in your life. For your loved ones with different interests, why not explore our other themes to find something really special – from Star Wars and Harry Potter™ to dragons and space, we’ve got you covered!