Reimagining the LEGO® Galaxy Explorer

Reimagining the LEGO® Galaxy Explorer

Five fan builders use their creativity to reimagine the LEGO® Galaxy Explorer into a fleet of fantastical but strangely familiar starships!

The galaxy is a big place. Big enough for more than one version of a classic LEGO® spaceship, that’s for sure. The original Galaxy Explorer (set 497) was a flagship of the LEGOLAND® Space theme in 1979, while its 2022 reimagining (set 10497) forms part of the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary celebrations, flying under the flag of the LEGO Icons range.

But, with so much galaxy to be explored, why stop at two? Why shouldn’t a fleet of Galaxy Explorers cater to every possible corner of the cosmos, suited to the strange new worlds that spin there?

We asked five fan builders to refit the 2022 Galaxy Explorer to reflect five very different worlds: LEGO Friends, LEGO Pirates, the LEGO Botanicals Collection, the world of music and the retro sci-fi aesthetic of steampunk. The stellar results are sure to inspire your own adventures in set customization and multiverse-style mashups!

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