Light up your creativity with the new LEGO® Ideas BTS Dynamite set

Light up your creativity with the new LEGO® Ideas BTS Dynamite set

This year, 21st century pop icons BTS will celebrate their 10th anniversary.

First finding stardom in South Korea, the band propelled pop music into the future with their creative energy and sound.

Their hit single ‘Dynamite’ reached the top of the charts in 2020 debuting at Number One in the Billboard Hot 100. But it was the ‘Dynamite’ music video that broke records, amassing more views on YouTube in the first 24 hours than any other music video before it...

Spreading the message of self-love, self-expression and good vibes, the video inspired a whole new generation.

BTS are now one of the biggest bands on the planet.

Since the LEGO Group and BTS both champion creativity (and having fun), we’re excited to announce our new collaboration with the band. Say hello to the new LEGO® Ideas BTS Dynamite set!

Based on the original music video, you can now light up your creativity and celebrate the band with this awesome new set. Here’s how...

*Cue the ‘Dynamite’ intro*

The band members in mini form

We have seven superstars to thank for this infectious all-singing, all-dancing mega hit.

So, of course the set comes with seven minifigures to represent the band, and each one has been carefully crafted, even down to the exclusive hair pieces made for each member.

Let’s not forget about the band’s glow-up style. The graphics on the minifigure torsos have been made to mimic BTS’ retro outfits in the disco scenes. Can you spot your favorite member?

What’s cool about this LEGO® Ideas set is that it was originally designed by two LEGO fans, Josh (JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (BangtanBricks). It’s a BTS licensed product like no other.

BTS received their first Grammy nomination with ‘Dynamite’. This is fitting because part of the music video is based in a record store.

Inside the LEGO® brick version of the store, you’ll find Easter eggs like the mini brick-built albums including ‘Dynamite’ on vinyl.

Shoot some hoops

On the side of the record store is a nod to the basketball court from the video with the colorful, eye-popping mural that’s been brought to life.

Recreate the different scenes with the BTS minifigures and then display it with pride next to your albums!

Grab a donut!

If you’ve watched the ‘Dynamite’ music video as much as us, then you’ll know it features some fun backdrops to the fine-tuned choreography.

In the LEGO set, there’s a fully-stocked donut shop including the posable DONUT sign and, of course, a donut accessory!

There are plenty of pastels and candy-colored LEGO bricks to match the color palette of the music video – and it comes with palm trees so you can recreate the summer vibe.

Take a ride in the ice-cream truck

The music video is a musical masterpiece, and we hope you enjoy bringing it to life with LEGO® bricks. To make it authentic, we couldn’t forget to include the memorable ice-cream truck outside (with the giant big ice cream splat on top). Yep, we made a splat from bricks...

Time to perform!

BTS know how to put on a perfect performance, and you can recreate their slick dance moves on the brick-built stage. Perhaps the coolest part of the stage is that it comes with a dancing function that allows the minifigures to move in sync, just like the real band. Yep, pretty cool!

The stage can also be used as its own display piece with the minifigures, so you can have the band minifigures dancing on your desk all day long!

It’s time to light up your creativity and re-live the music video with the LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set.

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