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A playground in every box

Celebrate 90 years of play with new sets, activities, VIP rewards and more!
Build a fire station ... that can take you to MarsWhy do we say there's a playground in every box? Because after 90 years, LEGO® sets are still inspiring builders of all ages to build and rebuild the world.
Build a tree house ... or a tree mouseThe picture on the front of the box is just the beginning. Look inside and discover the endless possibilities in play that generations of builders have already discovered.
Build a roaring dragon ... or a ribbiting frogNo matter what you find inside a LEGO® box, it's just the first step towards making the world your playground.

Celebrate 90 years of play

This year we may be marking our 90th anniversary, but it’s the builders that we really want to celebrate. The young, and the young at heart, who have found something special inside a LEGO® box and brought it to life in ways we never even imagined. Look for new sets, challenges and activities as we celebrate together.