LEGO® 90th Anniversary Play Challenges

90-Second Challenge with… Ottolenghi!

Ottolenghi is a master of creating amazing menus, but how fast is he when building with LEGO bricks?

Food, glorious food!

Build your favorite food!

90-Second Challenge with… Alicia Keys!

Sit back and admire as Alicia Keys makes some magical musical magnificence!

90-Second Challenge with… Thierry Henry!

Thierry Henry builds the ultimate LEGO® brick trophy!

90-Second Challenge with… Simone Giertz!

Can she overcome the 90-Second LEGO® Challenge and build her very own LEGO mech?

90-Second Challenge with… Peggy Gou!

International dance music and fashion icon Peggy Gou shows her limitless creativity when taking on the 90-Second LEGO® Challenge.

90-Second Challenge with… Loserfruit!

Can Loserfruit build the tallest ever LEGO® brick tower?

90-Minute Challenge with… Hebru Brantley!

Artist Hebru Brantley builds stunning LEGO® mosaics in 90 minutes!


Build your favorite sport out of LEGO® bricks.

Music to our ears

Build an instrument, or invent a new one, and play it.

Show some Robo-creativity

Build the next world-changing robot.

Passion for fashion

Add a fashionable twist to your LEGO® build.

Touch the Sky

Build your own LEGO® tower.

Move aside Picasso

Build a masterpiece your way!

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