LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt

Insiders Treasure Hunt

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Join the LEGO® Insiders Treasure Hunt!

To celebrate the launch of LEGO® Insiders, we’ve hidden millions of prizes ‘inside’ LEGO bricks you may already have at home.

Beat the pirates to the treasure!

A band of sneaky pirates is searching for treasure – but here’s your chance to get it first! Use your smartphone to search for millions of prizes that may be hidden in the LEGO® bricks you have at home. Check back every week for new prizes and a chance to enter a drawing to win one million Insiders points.

You don't need to be an Insider to join the hunt! (But you do have to be a member to collect your treasure)

What treasure could be buried in your bricks?

Unlock a Minifigure torso in LEGO® Tower

Make your own customized LEGO® comic book

Win ONE MILLION LEGO® Insider points

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