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LEGO® Trolls World Tour – Dance To Your Own Tune

Relive Your Favorite Movie Scenes Together

LEGO® Trolls for kids ages 4-100+ is a funny, heart-hugging play experience for the whole family. Assemble your band of Trolls, build, sing and dance your hearts out, put on your own crazy concerts. Or recreate your favorite laugh-out-loud moments and adventures of the Trolls World Tour movie. Just find your own beat, tune in to your Trolls talents, and help save music!

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Let’s take the stage together!

New worlds, awesome music, even more hugs and glitter. And a rock’n’roll queen who wants to wreck it all. Get ready to play!

Explore Worlds of Music with Trolls

Travel with the Trolls on their journey through mind-blowing worlds of music to unite all the Trolls against an imminent rock apocalypse. Meet Poppy, Branch and all the other rocking, funky, sophisticated, groovy, hugging, glitter-farting characters from the movie here. (You may bring a sparkly passport and/or scrapbook toll-free.)
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Take LEGO® Trolls on Tour

Notice the little pear-shaped pods in some of the sets? Kids can easily pack up their favorite LEGO® Trolls in these practical portable pods and bring them on tour wherever they go. The pods have room for miniature builds and scenes for your Trolls to play out anywhere, and small accessories and knick-knacks will stay in place.

Troll Your Own Way

Not unlike kids, all Trolls have their own brilliant personalities, and they’re not afraid to let their light shine – or their sparkle explode. Kids can customize their favorite Trolls with extravagant new hairstyles, fun music decorations and accessories, all inspired by the movie.

Put YOUR Hair up in the Air

And speaking of expressing your uniqueness, why not try out some of these Trolls party hair ideas for the next family photo or Troll party? Explore all the styles from the Trolls movie, dig out your retro crimping iron and industrial-strength hairspray, and transform yourself into your favorite Troll.

Easy to Build for Ages 4+

Is your little Troll new to building with LEGO® bricks? Look for the big red ‘4+’ age markings on the packaging to find the perfect first sets. Elements in all 4+ sets are easy for small hands to handle and assemble, compatible with all other LEGO system elements, and with step-by-step building instructions, your child will be ready to build and tour the world of Trolls in no time.

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