Meet the Wookiee

Meet Han Solo’s fearless copilot, Chewbacca. An accurate shooter with a short temper and a loyalty surpassed by no one, Chewie is the perfect right-hand man, or well … right-hand Wookiee. Learn more about the galaxy’s #1 furball.

Chewie Trivia

Taking his species into account, Chewie is still a young warrior despite having lived for nearly two centuries. Loading the Millennium Falcon with illicit goods and smuggling the cargo across the galaxy is Han and Chewie’s specialty, but this line of work leads the partners into some pickles – especially after they join Tobias Beckett’s crew of scoundrels. Like, escaping a Star Destroyer™ and a fleet of TIE Fighters™ before facing a giant tentacle monster kind of pickle. But even outer-space creatures and Imperial firing squads can sway Chewie’s loyalty to his friends. He surely is one loveable fuzzball.

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    Count Chewie’s Roars!

    Count Chewie’s Roars!