Published on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

With the defeat of Morro’s ghost invasion, the ninja have now become huge media celebrities. But dark forces once more threaten NINJAGO Island as the Teapot of Tyrahn is rediscovered by the ghost of Clouse, Master Chen’s former right-hand man. He allows Nadakhan, an evil Djinn and captain of the infamous Misfortune’s Keep, to escape the teapot. After reassembling his pirate crew, Nadakhan returns to his home realm of Djinjago, to find it collapsing. This destruction, caused by the ninja defeating the Preeminent, leads Nadakhan to vow revenge. He refits his ship so it can fly and prepares to attack. Now they are Sky Pirates. He plans to recreate Djinjago in the skies using pieces torn from NINJAGO Island. In his way are the ninja, but each one is tested by the Djinn’s wish-granting powers. They find their desires twisted against them. One by one they find themselves trapped in his Djinn Blade where their energy makes Nadakhan more powerful. Then Nadakhan sees Nya, who looks exactly like his long-lost love, Delara. If he can marry Nya, it will restore Delara’s spirit and grant the Djinn infinite wishes. As Nadakhan plans a wedding, the remaining ninja seek the venom of the giant Tiger Widow spider, the only thing that can slow down the all-powerful Djinn. But to harvest it they must battle sand worms and Sky Pirates, and by the time Jay frees his friends from the Djinn Blade, they are unable to stop the forced marriage. Then the Sky Pirates, each one a victim of Nadakhan’s wish-spells, mutiny and use the Tiger Widow venom. But just as Nadakhan is defeated and his spells reverse, Nya is touched by the poison and begins to die. In his grief, Jay makes his final wish – that the Teapot of Tyrahn had never been found. The world resets to the start of the story with Nadakhan again trapped and the teapot dumped into the sea. Only Jay and Nya, now a couple, remember anything that has happened.