About LEGO Juniors

About Us

Help your child build confidence with LEGO® Juniors
4-7-year-olds can tell stories and play with anything, anytime. Their imagination and confidence to try new things are endless. There are no boundaries to getting started.

That’s why we created LEGO® Juniors. 

-Premade elements are easy and safe for small hands to manage.
-Each part of a set can be built one at a time to start playing anytime.
  Numbered bags for each part of the model makes it easy to find the right bricks. As soon as your child cracks the building code, the possibilities are endless.
-Your child will master the basic building skills with “big kid” LEGO System bricks in no time!

Benefits of building

Building is about more than putting bricks together.
-Your creative genius can play their way through everyday challenges, fantasy worlds, time and space
-Building develops spatial, problem solving, reasoning and fine motor skills in a fun, playful way
-It lets your child structure their creativity to empower them to conquer the world, one brick at a time.

Raising creative thinkers
Providing a safe space with age-appropriate materials and challenges is one of the best ways to encourage creative thinking. Anything your child can create with LEGO bricks is something unique they can be proud of. They learn new ways to express ideas. If they let you play along, experiment with those bricks like a mad scientist and see what happens!

100% compatible with LEGO System
As your child grows, so do their experience, confidence and needs for bigger challenges. LEGO Juniors is 100% compatible with any LEGO System brick or set, so the play opportunities just keep getting bigger, too. 4 is the perfect age to start, and you never grow too old to play with LEGO bricks.

Our responsibility towards the builders of tomorrow
We want our children to inherit a healthy planet. Find out how we work with environmental leadership in our positive impact promise.