Go backstage with Livi

Interview by Stephanie

Photos by Emma

Livi invited us to meet her in her tour bus for an exclusive interview

We LOVE Livi – she is the friendliest pop star ever!


 Q: How do you like Heartlake City?
 A: I love it! I’ve wanted to meet all my fans here for a long time.
 Q: Why the pink hair?
 A: Actually, my parents used to own a candy shop. My pink hair is a tribute to that!
 Q: Favorite food?
 A: I eat lots of healthy food. It gives me energy to perform. But I do love my ice cream and cupcakes…
 Q: Favorite sport?
 A: I have always loved to dance! That’s a sport, right?
 Q: Favorite outfit – bling or basics?
 A: On stage? I like colorful and sparkly! In private, I sometimes just put on a hoodie and sneak out for ice cream!
 Q: Who is your best friend?
 A: I never go anywhere without my dog, Cookie. She’s my sweetheart. And I made 5 new wonderful friends here in Heartlake City :)

 Q: What do you want to say to your fans?
 A: Be brave, be yourself, and show the world who you are.

What would you like to ask Livi?