LEGO® Friends Cubes

Choose your activity!

Our newest LEGO® Friends cubes are based around the gang’s favorite activities. From sports to gaming to designing – there’s a cube for everyone!

Gamers unite!

Olivia’s cube has everything you need for a perfect gaming session with friends – controllers, headsets, good tunes… and cats (of course)!

Swim it to win it!

Help Andrea get ready for her swimming competition! Cheer her on from the sideline with her pet poodle. Phew! That calls for a post-swim snack!


Sharpen up those soccer skills! Join Mia on the pitch for practice, talk tactics in the locker room and don’t forget to pass to her puppy!

Ballet and Bunnies

Stephanie’s at the studio, perfecting her technique. Join her – or sit at the piano next to her bunny and play them some accompaniment music!

Show your passion for fashion

Get ready to get creative! Join Emma and her feathery friend as they sew up a storm to make some iconic fashion looks!

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