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Friends - About Cubes

LEGO® Friends Play Cubes – Cube ‘em, stack ‘em, love ‘em!

New collectible series from LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Play Cubes are all about BIG fun in small boxes! Kids will love to play out their dream job or favorite hobby and look for the cute collectible little pet in each set.

LEGO® Friends Play Cubes

  • Andrea's Shopping Play Cube

  • Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube

  • Olivia's Shopping Play Cube

  • Mia's Shopping Play Cube

  • Emma's Shopping Play Cube

  • Emma's Play Cube

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Let kids connect in a fun, flexible way!

Kids can stack and connect as many cubes as they like in endless combinations. All they have to do is snap the hinges together to create fun and personal displays, mini dollhouses and play scenarios. Or, they can split a case in two halves and share the fun with a friend.

Cute surprise pet in each set

What is your child’s favorite pet? In each cube, kids will find a surprise toy pet in one of four different colors. They can collect their favorites or trade with friends to assemble their own perfect little pet set.

Cubes to go

A play cube is the perfect little treat, gift or on-the-go toy for kids ages 6+! The buildable pieces can be removed from the play cube and attached to its base for fuss-free fun on the move – no more missing pieces when kids are playing in the car!
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A fun introduction to building with LEGO® Friends

The new cubes are a fun, easy way for kids to get a taste of building with LEGO® bricks. These mini models are fast to build for easy play, and all the elements of the play cubes are all fully compatible with bigger LEGO Friends sets and other LEGO play themes.

Kids can enter the world of LEGO Friends through the five main characters’ greatest passions in life. Best friends Emma, Mia, Olivia, Andrea and Stephanie all live in the fictional Heartlake City, a place of everyday heroes, challenges and successes – and room for everyone.

A funky little number – Andrea’s Play Cube

Have a child who wants to reach for the stars? Andrea’s Play Cube comes with a small toy piano and stage so kids can get lost in performance role-play: from the exciting beginnings of writing music and lyrics to basking in the spotlight in front of an adoring audience.

Oh, the sweet life – Stephanie’s Play Cube

Got a little master chef or trophy-winning pastry champion in the house? They will love to help Stephanie bake a toy cake. The buildable kitchen kit is removable so kids can play with it outside the box. (And the clean-up is faster than in a real kitchen!)

The world’s building blocks uncovered – Olivia’s Play Cube

Don’t you love it when your child asks questions about how things they see in their world work? Maybe it’s time to introduce your curious heir to the world’s building blocks – as seen through a microscope. Olivia’s lab is perfect for fun experiments and slime-making. Accidental or otherwise.

Care for furry, fluffy friends – Mia’s Play Cube

Is your child’s BFF a four-legged and/or flying creature? Nudge their caring instincts and love of nature with Mia’s toy vet clinic. They can examine, feed, groom and nurse the little rabbit back to health. Kids will love to use all the little vet’s instruments and be responsible for their little patient’s care.

Photo shoot in Paris – Emma’s Play Cube

Kids who love arts and crafts will enjoy this one. Sending your child to Paris in a box is not something we would normally recommend. But Emma here has an eye for great art, and her photos will soon be in every gallery in every artist’s favorite city. Kids will love to groom the little cat for the perfect pet picture – with a beautiful view of iconic landmarks.

Let’s get personal

How can you tell the difference between your play cubes? Or yours and your friends’? Kids can customize their sparkly play cubes inside and out with the fun and theme-relevant stickers that come with each set. They can mix and match across themes, any way they like, to make it uniquely theirs.
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Coming soon

Playing shop is a classic role-play scenario for kids. The five LEGO® Friends from Heartlake City will soon find themselves in new play cubes with five different shopping themes – and brand-new, collectible pets! Stay tuned…

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