Part 1: Unite the Magic

Find out what happens in the adventures of LEGO® Elves, part 1: Unite the Magic! Get the full story, videos, animations, comics and more on!

Emily Jones meets the Elvendale elves: Azari, the fire elf, Aira, the wind elf, Farran, the earth elf, and Naida, the water elf. Now each must use their unique powers to recover four long-lost keys and bring Emily back to her own world… 

Part 1 Comic: Unite the Magic

Get the full story in the comic “Unite the Magic”! Follow the quest for the four magical keys, and get to know Elvendale and all its magical people and creatures.

Emily Jones’s beloved grandmother just passed away. She left the house to Emily’s family, and a beautiful old medallion to Emily.

In her grief, Emily puts on the amulet and takes a walk in the garden. Suddenly, the medallion begins to glow.

A mysterious portal appears – the world as Emily knows it is about to change forever!


Watch all the videos from part one of the LEGO® Elves story. See how Emily Jones first found Elvendale, and how she and her new elf friends, Farran, Aira, Naida and Azari, united their magic to bring her home!

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Meet Emily and the Elves’ new friend, Rosalyn, and learn more about Cronan, the evil Goblin King and his mind-controlled goblins!