Part 3: The Capture of Sophie Jones

Find out what happens in the adventures of LEGO® Elves, part 3: The Capture of Sophie Jones! Get the full story, videos, comics and more on!

The evil Goblin King and his goblins kidnap Emily’s sister, Sophie! Emily is faced with the toughest decision of her life. If they rescue Sophie, the Goblin King will open his portal to the human world, and his dark magic will rule both worlds!

Part 3 Comic: The Capture of Sophie Jones

Get the full story in the comic “The Capture of Sophie Jones”! Can Emily and the elves rescue Sophie before the Goblin King takes over Elvendale and the human world?

One night, Emily Jones tells her little sister, Sophie, a bedtime story about Elvendale – Sophie doesn’t believe Emily’s fantastic tale of elves and magic.

But she is curious. So she secretly follows Emily through the portal!

Emily is furious! She knows the dangers that lurk in the darkest shadows of the magical land of Elvendale. This is no place for her little sister!


Watch all the videos from part three of the LEGO® Elves story: The Capture of Sophie Jones. Elvendale is not a place for little sisters – especially Emily’s little sister! She was captured by Cronan, the evil Goblin King! What adventures await now?

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Meet Emily and the Elves’ new friend, Rosalyn, and learn more about Cronan, the evil Goblin King and his mind-controlled goblins!



  • Firebolt

  • Mr. Spry

  • The Shadow Creature

  • Blubeary

  • Lil’ Blue bear cub

  • Panthara the Panther

  • Hidee the chameleon