Part 2: Save the Dragons

Find out what happens in the adventures of LEGO® Elves, part 2: Save the Dragons! Get the full story, videos, animations, comics and more on!

Ragana, the evil elf witch, has captured the Queen Dragon of Elvendale and turned all dragons against the elves. She wants to rule the world with her dark magic! Can Emily and the elves find the wisdom, courage, strength and ancient magic to bond with the dragons and save them all from a terrible fate? 

Part 2 – Comic: Save the Dragons

Get the full story in the comic “Save the Dragons”! Follow Emily Jones and the elves on their most dangerous adventure yet. They must summon all their bravery to protect Elvendale from evil!

Back in her own world, Emily Jones wakes up from a terrible nightmare. She can feel something is wrong in Elvendale!

With her dark magic, the evil elf witch Ragana has captured the beautiful Queen Dragon Elandra and one of her eggs. Now Ragana wants the last four eggs so she can rule all of Elvendale.


Watch all the videos from part two of the LEGO Elves story: Save the Dragons. Back in Elvendale, Emily Jones and the elves must rescue the Queen Dragon and her babies from the evil Ragana!

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  • Fledge, Wind Dragon, female

  • Spark, Fire Dragon, male

  • Floria, Earth Dragon, female

  • Rayne, Water Dragon, female

  • Estari, Regent Dragon, female


  • Owlyver

  • Dusti

  • Jynx