Part 4: Into the Shadow World

  • “A world of shadow will appear - And every hope shall fade to fear - Seek out one as brave, as smart - Strong in spirit, kind in heart…” Emily Jones’s magical amulet is broken. She’s in the attic, looking through her grandmother’s old things. This old book may be a clue…

    Emily is interrupted by her sister, Sophie, who wants to help her

    But before Emily can tell Sophie about the amulet, she has a terrifying vision. She sees a world of dark magic…

  • …and a tower, with an evil witch and a gigantic lion in chains – it’s clearly in grave danger… Who are they? Is this real? Or is it a vision of things to come? Emily MUST find a way to get to Elvendale!

    Emily gets the amulet working just long enough to make her way through the portal to Elvendale.

    Something is definitely wrong! Azari the fire elf is… not herself… She has lost her fire magic! But not her temper. She’s very upset!

  • Naida the water elf has an idea of someone, who may be able to help them! But it’s a long journey, and there is no time to waste!

    From the shadows, a mysterious creature follows their every move… What could it be?

    The white wolf turns out to be Lumia, the Guardian of Light – exactly who they were looking for! She’s a shapeshifter!

  • Lumia tells Emily and the elves that Azari is not the only one who has lost her magic.

    The Elemental Guardian of Fire has been captured. That’s what Emily saw in her vision back in the attic! That’s why all fire magic has vanished from Elvendale!

    Lumia has heard rumors about Emily. She believes the human girl has great powers. Emily is confused… - But she tells Lumia about her vision. Lumia now understands who has captured the lion. NOCTURA!

  • The elves have always believed Noctura was a myth, told to scare elf children. If she’s real, where is she? And why has she captured the Guardian Fire Lion? Lumia explains that Noctura was banished to the Shadow World – by none other than her best friend.

    The Elemental Guardians are ancient and proud creatures. If Noctura is hunting them, it can only mean one thing: she wants to possess their powers to escape from the Shadow World. And she wants revenge.

  • Emily and the elves want to help, but first, they must bond with the Guardians. That may be easier said than done, but that has never stopped the elves before.

    Aira sets out to bond with Cyclo, the quiet, patient Guardian of Wind. But her constant chatter is giving the poor, old dragon a headache!

    He tries to teach Aira a little more patience and focus. She will need it to master the cyclone bow – a weapon of great power.

  • Farran is awe-struck when he meets his childhood idol, Liska the Guardian Earth Fox…

    But Liska soon turns out to live up to her elemental powers. She’s very grounded!

    Before long, Farran learns to chill out in her company. His training with the Quake Shield can begin.

  • Naida the water elf seems to have her work cut out for her. And not just with the Monsoon Staff… Cory the Guardian Water Turtle doesn’t understand why the elves are letting a human tell them what to do. “YOU should be the leader”, she says.

    “Emily is not like that”, Naida tries to explain. “She’s like a sister to me.”

    But Cory is furious and abandons Naida. “You have to learn to stand up for yourself”, she says... TO BE CONTINUED