How do you play LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill with Amazon Alexa?

How do you play LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill with Amazon Alexa?

How do you play LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill with Amazon Alexa?

It’s so easy to start playing with LEGO DUPLO Stories! Your Alexa device guides you through every step, and you use intuitive commands to choose paths throughout the story. You can open LEGO DUPLO Stories and choose between two main story categories: Animal Stories or Vehicle Stories. You will hear suggestions for DUPLO bricks and props your child can use to play out the story, but you can use any colors, shapes, characters, or favorite toys. (Or just play the story without toys!) So let your imagination run wild, have fun, don’t worry about getting it perfect – it’s YOUR little world within the story. Watch the video to see how it works.

LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa

Learning through play has never been more fun! With the new free LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa, parents and caretakers will help their children develop their language and social skills in a creative setting. Your toddler will experience the joy of learning through short, interactive stories involving animal play and vehicle play - using the LEGO DUPLO bricks they already own! And if your child does not have all of the pieces, that’s okay – they can use whatever they have on hand to bring the story to life.

LEGO DUPLO Stories encourage children to learn numbers and colors and developing language skills via creative play in a fun, safe atmosphere. LEGO DUPLO Stories are for kids and fans aged 2 – 5 and their parents who wish to get in touch with their childish imagination. To begin simply say “Alexa, open LEGO DUPLO Stories” when near your Alexa-device, and follow the voice prompts.


Storystarter for your kids’ favorite animals
From a rabbit excited to make new friends to a cow playing in the field, the new free LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa will delight toddlers through creative play. With scenarios featuring a bird, a cat, a cow, a dog, and a rabbit, your child will learn colors and numbers, develop language skills, and more while learning through experience and interactive role play – all while using items already at hand.  To learn more about animals in the LEGO® DUPLO® family, see below! 

The Rabbit Story The rabbit meets his/her new family of pets (dog, bird, and cat) and despite their differences they bond through play and by exploring each other’s interests, such as favourite food. Learning: Social skills and role play, exploring differences and concept of friendship.

The Cow Story The farmer has gone to town for the afternoon, and the cow and the rooster can play however they want. So, the cow wants to drive the tractor and the rooster wants to take a bath in the water trough. 
Learning: Social and cognitive skills, roleplay, imagination, animal sounds, identifying characters. 

The Cat Story This story can go two ways depending on what you prefer. It can be a story about a family cat or a farm cat; the former wanting to be pampered and the latter wanting to build a fortress from hay bales for its friends. 
Learning: Language skills, colors, roleplay, imagination, animal sounds. 

The Bird Story The bird loves to go on adventures, but really needs a place to live. When the bird house has been built it can go on adventures and fly around until it lands on a special spot. The spot is a great place for a playground. 
Learning: Language skills, colors, motor skills.

The Dog Story The dog just woke up and is eager to start playing. It starts jumping around and is trying to figure out if it should go for a walk, play fetch, chase a cat or do tricks. 
Learning: Language skills, focusing on different activities, roleplay, choose directions, motor skills. 



Storystarter for your kids’ favorite vehicles
Whether you are catching pirate treasure in your fishing boat or taking an airplane on an exciting adventure, the new free LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa will ignite your toddler’s creativity and imagination. With stories for a boat, a car, a plane, a train, and a truck, your tiny toddler will learn colors and numbers, develop language skills, and more while learning through interactive role play using items you already have.  To learn more about vehicles in the LEGO® DUPLO® family, see below!

The Truck Story
The big truck is happy because it gets to work at the brand new construction site in town. The work includes building a house and knocking it down again, only to build an even bigger house.
Learning: Language and motor skills, follow instructions, build and rebuild

The Plane Story The plane is going on vacation. It can go to a warm or a cold place and needs to pack for the right temperatures. It will only takeoff and head to its special destination once a snack has been prepared.
Learning: Language and motor skills, role-play, building.

The Car Story The Car Story can be about a race car or a repair shop. The former focuses on how to tune your car for a race and the latter challenges your mechanic competences when a friends’ car breaks down and you have to fix it.
Learning: Cognitive and motor skills, problem-solving, colors (red light, green light).

The Boat Story The Boat Story can be about a fishing trip or a journey. On the fishing trip you must catch fish with your net and on the journey, you will have to pack for mixed climates and discuss the animals you see on your travels.
Learning: Language and motor skills, problem-solving, roleplay.

The Train Story The train is ready to start the day but needs refueling before it can leave the station. Help by building a fuel pump. The train starts its journey but must suddenly stop when an animal is about to cross the tracks.
Learning: Language skills, animal sounds, colors, instructions