What is the best way to make your child laugh?

There really isn’t anything better than laughter, is there? More specifically, children laughing!

Luckily, most parents know just how to crack up their little ones. Some have it easy: “You don’t need a lot, you just need to say hello to him, and he will laugh – he loves to laugh!” Simple as that.

Some parents, however, need to work a little harder. Being silly and even falling over can be necessary. Oh yes, generating laughter can be a demanding task, too! But the giggling result is always worth it.

Some children will laugh at anything and anybody, while others are perhaps a little more skeptical of their surroundings. In certain instances, a small grin from a kid can mean just as much as the shrieking laughter of their friends or siblings. Laughter is a form of communication, and it is the personality of the child that will determine how and what motivates them to react.

The race for a laugh is a great reminder for grown-ups to slow down the pace once in a while. As one dad explains, he makes his daughter laugh with “things in the moment.” It’s a win-win for both kids and parents, then!

Laughing and giggling is the best. Not just because it’s fun, but because the kids are learning how to react to the world around them. And also… It really is fun! Bring on the giggle attacks.

How do you make your child laugh? Watching the video above might inspire you with new hilarious methods.