What’s your favorite toy?

There’s absolutely no doubt toys are awesome. But it can be hard picking a favorite! We challenged a bunch of little ones to pick their most treasured toy. And as you can tell it wasn’t an easy task for them….

”Dump trucks that go very fast,” says one little boy passionately. ”Cars!” comments another with a smile. ”I think his maracas, actually,” says a mum. Sometimes you end up choosing all your toys as your favorites!

Favorite toys can also depend on the child’s personality. Some are naturally interested in how things work, while others tend to focus on the story behind the toy. And often a favorite toy can change from one day to the next.

Because no matter the toy, it’s all about the play. And kids need to play. It’s how they learn, and it’s crucial for their development. Be it role-playing, functional play or educational play…They learn from all types of play.

One thing we’ve found is that whenever the kids are asked to name their favorite toy, they start smiling. Maybe they’re thinking of all the fun they’ve had with that toy…Or all the fun to come!

Children’s imagination is infinite, and even a leaf from a tree can be transformed into something to play with. (Perhaps it’s really a fairy treasure? Or a spaceship?).

With endless opportunities for speed, sound and movement, vessels seem to be a hit amongst kids. And who doesn’t want to travel with steam trains, aeroplanes or dragons to a princess castle far, far away?

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