The amazing journey all toddlers go on

The amazing journey all toddlers go on

Toddlers are creative explorers.

Not in a mountain-climber or an astronaut kind of way – not yet, at least. If an astronaut took a toddler’s approach to exploring, he’d miss his ride to the moon because he was too busy looking at bugs on the space center windows…

All toddlers explore the universe in their own unique style. It’s a journey of discovery that will leave no stone unturned (there could be a bug underneath it, after all).

To learn a little more about the journey, we filmed a group of little ones in full-on explorer mode. Flour was tipped onto the floor, eggs were bounced like balls, and makeup was applied liberally. Yet each experiment offered us an insight into the highly creative way toddlers explore and learn. You can hear our interpretation of their thoughts in the video above.

One of the other main messages we took away? Figuring out how everything works creates a lot of mess! Fortunately, spillages can be cleaned up each time, but the toddler journey of discovery happens just once. If given lots of sensory (and safe!) opportunities to explore and experiment, toddlers find not only answers, but also a love of learning that can last a lifetime.

Sure, there will be moments where you look on in confusion at your toddler’s bizarre antics. But remember this: that was you distributing flour all over the floor not so long ago. You’ve come a long way… and your child will, too. How amazing is that?

We’d love to see all of your toddler’s most creative explorations, and you can share them on our Facebook page. Why not throw in some funny photos of yourself as a child, too?

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