LEGO® DUPLO® Product Safety

We Take Safety Seriously

As a company whose primary audience is children, safety is at the top of our priority list. Everything we produce – LEGO® bricks, packing boxes, building instructions, even online games and activities – are designed to provide an incredibly fun and entirely safe playing experience.

Before our products even reach store shelves, they undergo rigorous testing and must meet the strictest standards. Here’s a peek into our safety procedures and what we do to ensure that we are producing the safest toys possible.

What Makes the Brick The Brick

Knowing that LEGO products will be handled by kids in all sorts of ways – in hands, in mouths, and in every room of the house! – we source materials that conform to stringent standards and have been approved through our state-of-the-art safety assessments. Every substance and raw material that goes into our bricks is carefully screened to be compliant with the Toy Safety Directive, as well as with U.S. and global legislative requirements.

We go above and beyond the following safety protocols to guarantee we use the cleanest possible materials. We also want to contribute to a greener future for children and are continuously searching for environmentally friendly materials. Just last year, The LEGO Group established the LEGO Sustainable Materials Center and made a huge investment toward the goal by 2030 of finding and implementing new sustainable alternatives to the raw materials currently in use.

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Each LEGO brick passes through more than 10 safety checkpoints. Every year we make 60 million bricks, so you can imagine there are a lot of checkpoints and inspections that take place! In addition to the chemical, electrical, hygienic, and flammability testing that the brick goes through, there are a number of physical tests that each LEGO brick must pass.

The LEGO Group never takes chances on behalf of the safety of a child. The LEGO Group has always been committed to the utmost safety of its products. Each brick we produce must meet every requirement and pass every test, to have the honor of ending up in children’s hands.

We know the rigors kids put our products through and we want to simulate all kinds of scenarios that we know our bricks can endure. We have machines that replicate everything a child could possibly do to our bricks – yes, that means biting, dropping, twisting, pushing, and bending. Our bricks are put to the extreme test! Here is just some of what they undergo:

Pull Test
We pull the head of every LEGO® DUPLO® figure with a force equivalent to approximately 26 lbs. (11,8 kg) of strength. Wow! This ensures that no small parts detach during play.

Impact Test
To simulate dropping a LEGO brick (or having something fall on the brick) to the extreme, we have 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of weight free fall from 12 cm above the weakest point on the brick, to measure how it handles the impact.

Compression Test
We want to see how much pressure our LEGO bricks can test, so we give them the big squeeze. With a 25 mm disc, we slowly apply a force of 33.7 pounds (15 kg) and hold it there for 10 seconds, ensuring the brute strength of each brick.

Step Test
We simulate a young child stepping on a LEGO product by slowly applying a metal disk that simulates a child’s foot with a force equivalent to 110.2 pounds (50 kg) on it – ensuring that it will not break or splinter during play. (This is used primarily for packing and larger models.)

The stress our bricks go through before they even get into the hands of energetic kids shows just how robust and long-lasting they are.

Age Guidelines

Every box we produce comes with an age-range guideline that ensures the set inside reaches children at the correct developmental stage for that product. As finger dexterity improves and kids get older, they can tackle the more challenging sets. But our age markings serve as a good starting point for knowing which LEGO products to select. “Here’s a good rule of thumb: Big bricks are for small hands, and small bricks are for big hands,” Thorsen says.

We’re always happy to get feedback from all our favorite LEGO DUPLO kids and parents around the world. If you have any experiences you’d like to share, or particular safety questions, we are always here to listen. You can contact

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or write to us on our LEGO DUPLO Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!