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Build Your Own: LEGO DUPLO Color Sorting Game

Build Your Own: LEGO® DUPLO® Color Sorting Game

Ever wondered what scary monsters eat? Well, it turns out LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are their absolute favourite food! We loved this Feed the Monsters game from Toddler Approved and had a lot of fun trying it out.

Shapes & Colors

This game is great for helping young children to learn numbers, colors and shapes – and they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realise they’re learning. It’s also great for working on their fine motor skills and their ability to concentrate on simple tasks.

There are lots of ways for your little one to make their monsters – just let their imaginations run wild. If you don't have any paper bags, you could use cereal boxes, so just take inspiration from whatever you have on hand at home – it’s all about fun, not perfection!

What you need
  • 4 x brown paper bags or cereal boxes
  • 4 x sheets of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A stick of glue
  • A handful of googly eyes
  • A handful of pipe cleaners
  • LEGO DUPLO bricks in 4 or more colors

1. Draw your monster shape on a piece of colored paper and cut out a mouth

Make the monster as scary as you like! By making the holes specific shapes – a circle, a square or a triangle – you can help your child to learn shape names while they play.

2. Mark out the shape of the monster mouth on the paper bag using a pencil, then cut out the mouth

Your little one can do this with child-safe scissors and an adult's help. Scissor use is great for working on fine motor skills - which are vital for learning how to write.

3. Get your child to glue the monster to the front of the bag and decorate it

Googly eyes are a great way to talk about numbers while you play: “Can you feed these bricks to the monster with three eyes?”

4. Make a variety of different colored monsters and get playing!

Open up the bags and let your little one feed the matching color LEGO DUPLO bricks into each monster mouth – yummy! Combine color and number skills by, for example, asking your child to feed three red bricks to the monster with three eyes. For an even trickier fine motor challenge, try cutting smaller shaped mouths for the monsters. Oh, and make sure to ask what noises the monsters will make!
Scissors can be dangerous for small children, so please make sure you supervise them closely during use.