Find the perfect LEGO® DUPLO® gift for your toddler

Is it time to start checking the naughty/nice lists already? Time flies when you have young kids in the house, and suddenly the holiday season is right around the corner. Whether your toddler is a world explorer already, or just starting to learn how their world works, you want to give them the happiest holiday memories – every year.

But before your holiday planning, travel bookings, gift shopping and grocery lists (on top of the everyday logistics puzzle) knock your gift stockings off, just remember: what your child wants the most this year is just for you to be there – to sit with them, read, or laugh and play with them. Break the rules now and then, and let them make their own for a little while.

We’ve put together a list of creative LEGO® DUPLO® building sets your young toddler (and you) can have fun with together – both during the holidays and in the years to come.

LEGO DUPLO Pizzeria (10834)

Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast, lunch, tea, AND dinner? Pretend meals are so much fun! Toddlers will love “baking” and serving delicious pizzas to hungry customers – and your entire family, too, of course. Owning their own restaurant, they can practice meal routines and etiquette of eating out, take orders over the phone, and load up the bike for delivery. This set is part of the My Town collection that features familiar, real-life scenarios with lots of fun play ideas.
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO Family House (10835)

There are endless play opportunities in this easy-to-build house. Your toddler can build one section at a time and combine the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and terrace any way they like. Colorful, decorated bricks and accessories are fun play starters: use the brush to wash the DUPLO mom and dad’s car, brush the DUPLO figures’ hair (or even teeth?), and role-play cozy everyday routines.
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO Town Square (10836)

It’s a big world out there, and with the Town Square, your toddler can role-play lots of big-kid and grown-up scenarios when they take the car to the mechanic, buy fresh produce at the bakery and greengrocer, or go to the doctor for a checkup. The stores and accessories are easy to build and combine, and the 5 DUPLO figures will help your toddler make sure everything in their town runs smoothly.
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO Big Fair (10840)

What if your toddler could have their own Ferris wheel in the house?? The Big Fair is fun to build and has all the iconic rides of a real-life fun fair: a turning Ferris wheel with 3 cars, a rotating carousel with 4 horses, and big wavy slides. Your child and the 5 DUPLO figures can drive the little train and visit the ice cream kiosk over and over. 
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO My First Train Set (10507)

Choo-choo! Let your toddler jump on board this colorful, motorized steam train with fun, familiar train sound effects, passenger wagon, station with ticket window, fueling pump, and signal. Your child can act out fun train adventures with the LEGO DUPLO train driver and child figures, and a curious (and hungry) little goat. There’s also a bundle of extra bricks and tracks for even more chug-along fun.
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO Santa’s Winter Holiday (10837)

How can you pass the time while you wait for Santa to arrive? What’s it like to BE Santa?? And what does a squirrel put on its wish list? Young children will love landing Santa’s sleigh to meet the 2 child DUPLO figures on the sledging slope and deliver gifts for everyone. This is a perfect starter set to teach your young child the basics of construction building, with easy instructions, colorful accessories – and a little bit of holiday magic!

LEGO DUPLO Flo’s Café (10846)

Disney•Pixar Cars 3 fans will love creating friendship stories with these LEGO DUPLO characters in Radiator Springs. Help your young Cars fan develop fine motor skills building Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and Mack cars. Your child can be part of this cool crew, race for fun, head out on the road for new adventures, hang out at Flo’s V8 Café, or fuel up at the gas pump.
Ages: 2-5

LEGO DUPLO Number Train (10847)

Learning to count is as easy as 1-2-3 with the LEGO DUPLO Number Train! Your young toddler will love to build and rebuild this chunky train, role-play fun explorer adventures with the DUPLO child and cat figures – learning number recognition as they go! This set is specifically designed to be safe and suitable for the smallest hands.
Ages: 1½-3

LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun (10572)

This box is always a sure hit. It’s a perfect mix of LEGO DUPLO bricks for creative free-building, a car base and wheels for any car your kid can imagine, window elements for playing house, a LEGO DUPLO boy figure and a cute dog to act out lots of fun adventures, and numbered bricks to help your child develop their counting skills. And it packs away back into the box for sturdy storing.
Ages: 1½-5

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