Play and learn with LEGO® DUPLO®

LEGO® DUPLO® products provide children aged 1 1/2 to 5 with fun, creative, high-quality play experiences that support your child’s learning and development. My First DUPLO Sets (ages 1 1/2 to 3),  My DUPLO Town (ages 2 to 5) and DUPLO & Favorite Characters (ages 2-5) provide the best building experience for kids to play and learn at the same time. While playing is all fun and games for kids, as it should be, the different types of LEGO DUPLO play – constructive, exploratory, and role play – entertain but at the same time lay the foundation for essential developmental milestones. These include:

Motor Skills

Toddlers’ bodies are constantly in motion, accomplishing new motor skills and physical feats on a daily basis. Developing hand-eye coordination by stacking My First DUPLO bricks or perfecting finger dexterity while opening a door in a DUPLO Town set, for example, continues to fine-tune their physical abilities and constantly improves their motor skills.

Language Skills:
Welcome to the wonderful world of “what” and “why”! Children are incredibly curious creatures, especially between the ages of 1 to 5, because they are working hard to make sense of the world around them. Engaging in imaginative pretend play supports their verbal development and enhances creativity, especially when they use newfound language skills to identify a ‘yellow’ brick or while having fun creating role-play stories with Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse.

Cognitive Skills:
Cognition occurs through observation, interaction, and play, reinforcing important skills such as cause and effect, problem solving, and decision making. When kids stack DUPLO bricks to form a tower (the tallest one ever!) or make a decision on which building the DUPLO Town bulldozer should knock down first, their cognition and understanding is enhanced with every decision made.

Social Skills:
Social interaction starts from the moment a child is born and develops rapidly every day. Those precious stare sessions set the important stage for bonding, and from there, social skills are further enhanced with play. From two preschoolers sharing My First DUPLO bricks, to kindergartners collaborating on countless royal adventures in Princess Sofia’s magical world with the Disney Juniors Sofia the First Royal Castle, lifelong social skills such as collaboration, taking turns, empathy, and self-awareness are further developed.

Emotional Skills:
Toddlers can go from tears to smiles in a matter of seconds, and this describes the emotional development of toddlers. Exploring the world can be confusing and scary, but celebrating successes and encouraging ideas in a safe environment through play provides consistency and comfort. Allowing children to explore favorite colors with My First DUPLO or conquering a tricky building challenge with DUPLO Town gives them a greater sense of confidence.

Finding time to create and connect as a family is challenging in today’s busy times. LEGO® DUPLO® developmental toys are designed to maximize play, learning, and bonding, so families can make the most of whatever precious moments they do get together. We also collaborate with child development experts, educators, and parents to ensure that all LEGO DUPLO products deliver value, safety, versatility, and an outlet for creative thinking. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your child’s journey!