LEGO® | Disney – Celebrating 100 Years of Wonder

Has it already been 100 years? There have been a whole lot of changes as Disney has grown from a small animation studio to a not-so-small global phenomenon. But one thing that’s remained the same is the unwavering love and support of fans like you – and like us here at the LEGO Group!

So, to celebrate a century of Disney magic, we’ve made this page to celebrate our journey so far, and to look forward to the next 100 Years of Wonder.

Watch Making Wonder – The Series

Discover amazing LEGO® builds inspired by magical Disney moments.

See what wonders await…

Giant house, made of 68,753 LEGO® bricks, flies up, up and away!

Let’s celebrate!

Watch as we dance along a LEGO® brick-built float.

Watch Making Wonder, Ep. 2!

The perfect Minnie Mouse-inspired dress, using LEGO® DOTS!

Ready for some Wonder?

Catch the go-kart race of a lifetime! #MakingWonder

Making Wonder the Series

Mind-blowing builds, epic collaborations and unexpected twists!

Disney 100 Products

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The Enchanted Treehouse

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‘Up’ House​

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Villain Icons

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Disney Celebration Train​

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Disney Duos

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Disney 100th Celebration

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LEGO® Minifigures Disney 100

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Cinderella’s transformation

Watch another iconic Disney moment, the LEGO® | Disney way.

100 Years of Wonder

We recreated this amazing moment, from Steamboat Willie, with bricks.

Disney | Encanto

Watch as we #ShareTheWonder of Encanto.

Disney 100

Watch the Announcement trailer.

When worlds collide

We have a very proud relationship with Disney stretching back nearly 25 years, covering everything from Disney Princess to Toy Story – and even one silly old bear…

Our first adventure

Yep, the very first LEGO® | Disney set starred Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. It’s fair to say our collaboration has expanded a little since 1999…

Share your creations #sharethewonder

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